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General Introduction to Professor Opal Dragonfly’s Site

Dear Students and Friends—
Welcome to Professor Opal Dragonfly’s office and classroom site!  Here I store informative materials, such as my Wizard’s Wit and Wisdom columns, in the Library; have links to other sites of interest, such as a Harry Potter discussion group; have my courses’ classroom sites;, and, have a link to the class discussion site.  Registration is held twice a year, following the HOL schedule (Hogwarts Online:  http://hol.org.uk).  Once you have been registered as a student at HOL, and I accept you into one of my courses, then you may register at this site as well. IMPORTANT:  Please use your HOL student name as your screen name at this site.

I hope that you will enjoy taking the courses and earning points and, above all, I hope you will enjoy learning about the different subjects.  I have tried to make the learning process more fun than drudgery; however, as with any mastery of a skill and acquisition of knowledge, study and practice are essential.  I hope to add to the course offerings as time goes on, and also expand other aspects of the site.

I am interested in your comments, concerns, and suggestions—and if any student has a question, you may reach me at opaldragonfly@opaldragonfly.com

May the heavens keep you well!   Prof. Opal Dragonfly

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